Touchstone Getting Some Attention

A few weeks ago, Chris Saad gave me a demo of his BIG idea -  Touchstone.

Touchstone is a small application that has big implications for companies, communities and individuals. It' s like a heads-up-display that keeps users informed about things they care about while they work. Here is a quick summary of some specific benefits. 

For Personal Use

  • Subscribe to changes on your favorite website
  • Set rules for what' s important
  • Have updates appear on your desktop while you work

For School

  • Teachers publish homework notices to students
  • Students keep track of homework and friends

For Business

  • Keep your eye on competitors while you work
  • Publish announcements to staff and customers while they work

For Publishers

  • Persist your brand on desktops everywhere
  • Keep your readers up-to-date on their own terms
  • Monetize your content with client-side ad revenue

For Developers

  • Deliver application updates via a unified alerts platform
  • Reach users while your application is closed

Well overnight they had major coverage on TechCrunch, where they announced that the Touchstone team has accepted a round of Angel funding from a local investor.

Read the full post including the press release >>

Another Aussie making waves!!!! And it's all built using the .NET Framework!

*UPDATE* :  Cam reminds me that he interview Chris on a recent 2webcrew podcast. Nice one!

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