Anyone doing Mashups using Virtual Earth Map Control?

I'm seeking Aussie mash-ups using Virtual Earth Map Control v3

Anyone tried this yet? Who is going to be the first to do it ? Leave me a comment if you have done something cool.

How about collections? Anyone created some interesting Aussie Collections?? Let me know too.

Check out these collections from the UK

Also, check out the amazing Magic Roundabout of Swindon

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  1. I hope i don’t have to rely on the maps. In my area, they are wrong… Chermside is in the wrong place and the road i live on has half of it missing. let’s hope it gets updated

  2. I help out at our local Adult Community Education centre (ACE is just one of its roles in the local community) and on Friday mornings we have our webDotWizards group for two hours or so where I help out and/or give people who come in various things to do on the ‘Net. Yesterday one of the regular webDotWizards really got going on building a collection to describe what he and his mates had done (lots of pranks), what had happened in general and various changes to the town he’d grown up in the UK during and after World War II. I’m sure if someone had said to this webDotWizard that he should write up a history of his local town and what he’d experienced when growing up, he’d never ever get to do it. However the visual prompts from Live Local (down to 50 yards but no bird’s eye view as yet of his former town) got him talking about his memories so he set to work adding drawpins and jotting notes. "Best thing I’ve ever done," was his constant comment while having a lot of fun building his collection (not yet available but I’ll get him to post it on his MSN Space next week). The possibilities offered by Live Local are wide and varied – who wouldn’t give to be a geography teacher with a tool like Live Local available to the students? I’m off to see if I can do a bit more to build up a collection of the Wupper Express route on Microsoft Train Simulator – here’s what I’ve started (nothing spectacular but when you live a few thousand miles away from Germany, it’s good to see the "real thing"):!394

  3. Dr. Neil says:!318

    Sorry Frank not Aussie, I think the beauty of collections is viewing the aerial and birds eye imagery. Once (if?) better aerial images become available for Aus then I hope to see some nice collections.

  4. Nick says:

    Please don’t use relative links – they dont’ work from Bloglines, which is confusing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ok, my call for

    apps and collections generated a lot of comments with people pointing out


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