Interview with Michael Butler, Human Capital Magazine

all the excitement about my office move
, I forget to post about my
interview yesterday (Tuesday May 30) with Michael Butler, Human Capital Magazine.

I first met Michael many many many years ago when he was at Microsoft
Communiqué Magazine
(anyone remember that)

Anyways, Michael is doing a feature on Blogging, and he interviwed me to
discuss the role and use of blogging at Microsoft. Since he is writing for a HR
focused magazine, we also covered how blogging is used in a HR or recruitment

Now this is a topic I have "some experience"  with, with
coverage  in The
, The
, Computerworld
, and Business

Now I wont spill the beans on what we covered (I've learnt
my lesson
).  I will leave that for Michael to do. Hopefully the article
will be online at some stage.

However, here some of the sites/blogs I mentioned during the interview

All in all, a good interview and it was nice to catch up with Michael 
(dude, where's your blog?) again.

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    back in May, I was interviewed by Michael Butler for an article he was writing

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