Roll your own podcasting support for WMP 11

So, the feeling is that Microsoft's lack of
action will slow Podcasting Growth

James O'Neill has put together a step
by step guide to subscribe to Podcasts under Windows Vista

Not to be outdone, Dominic Cooney has
cut some code in F# to create a rough and ready podcasting
app for WMP 11

But, what about the
podcast client for Windows Media Center
that Charlie
 demonstrated at Mix06, aka "Q" ?? As
Charlie says, "Q is not a shipping feature of Windows Vista -- it is a
sample application for which source code will ship with the
Windows Media Center Software Development Kit for Windows Vista."

Source code? Cool!!!

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  1. Frank, with all due respect to James and Dominic (and yourself of course!), the issue that Todd and I are annoyed about isn’t that people can’t subscribe to podcasts in WMP11, it’s that there is no native podcast DIRECTORY in WMP11. Microsoft could be helping drive podcasting into the mainstream instead of taking a backseat and letting Apple continue to take the lead.

  2. frankarr says:

    A directory?  sounds like a business opportunity for some to grab

  3. Cameron, really?

    Don’t you think that providing a platform for developers to build tools for podcasting/catching is far more important than building a player that can catch podcasts?

    I don’t see why people expect Microsoft to build everything under the sun. If they do, then their considered evil empire world dominator and if they don’t then they’re seen as slack and out of touch. It’s a no win situation.

    I’d hedge my bets that building a platform for developers is far more profitable and beneficial to everyone involved than building specific apps. Something about teaching a man to fish?

    Was it the Dalai Lama that said "<a href="">WINDOWS IS A PLATFORM. BUILD YOUR OWN FREAKING PODCAST CLIENT</a>"?


  4. Well DG please enlighten us to the top five contributions made by Microsoft’s developers to podcasting in the last 18 months with this great platform you are advocating?

    While you are thinking about that one, Apple has put podcasting front and center of their iTunes application, in effect putting it in front of the eyes of their 50 million iPod customers.

    And count the number of podcasts that are published as WMA as a result…

    You "teach a man to fish" argument could be used to argue against Microsoft having a media player at all. Why have one at all? Why not let the developers build it? Because it’s central to the PC experience and MS wants to play a role in the way people experience media. It’s a business opportunity for them and a threat if they let someone else have the primary interface (how long before I’m running a google media player i wonder?).

    So, by extension, if they are GOING to continue to build their own media player, and stuff it full of content from their partners, why not have a directory to promote and support the biggest thing to happen to media since free porn???

  5. Dude, all I’m saying is that it’s not Microsoft’s job to build a podcast client.

    It’s not Apple Vs Microsoft Vs Google Vs Yahoo et al. They all do different things and shouldn’t all be playing the same game.

    What has Apple done for online search?


    Well, they must be dropping the ball right?

    Search is huge! Bad Apple!

    Google, where are their podcasting tools?


    Ok, over-punctuation and one too many examples aside, you get my point right?

    MS is not responsible for contributing to the growth of podcasting and it seems that for selfish gains, that you want them to.

    Nothing wrong with that I guess. While we’re at it, let’s make Delicate Genius Blog the homepage on IE? Yeah, let’s advocate that shall we? It works for me so it must be important.

    Surely you worked for them long enough to understand that almost everything they do is done to keep their platforms (server and client) alive.

    Bundling a music player helps make Windows an attractive proposition. As is providing great development tools, database servers etc.

    For clarity, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t build a podcatcher. Maybe they should, and maybe they will. I’m just not sure that that’s the biggest fish they have to fry (gotta love fish analogies) at the moment. Getting URGE and PlayForSure right is probably more important.

    If it’s any consolation, I bought you another listener the other day. The TPN PSP show should now have one more set of ear buds 🙂


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  8. Anonymous says:

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