Come and grab Expression Web Designer CTP


We have released the first community technology preview (CTP) of Microsoft Expression Web Designer (EWD), a professional design tool for creating standards-based web sites and applications.

EWD is the third tool from the Microsoft Expression family following Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer.

The CTP is available as a free download on the Microsoft Expression website.

There's been lots coverage on the product todate, including in the Aussie press (which is the same article from the newswires, but it's good to see it covered locally):

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  1. Except its not available now (12:00 GMT) and last nights version (in the UK) had a problem with the installers digital certificate.

  2. This is an awesome post and the web designer CTP sounds like a great program.  I will definitely be checking it out.  Thanks for the information!!

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