The Wonders of CeBIT 2006

I spent most of the day out at CeBIT 2006 in Sydney.

I bumped into a lot of old faces from the past, and I saw lots of gadgets and assorted eye candy.

When I first arrived, I made a bee line to the UMPC which had been bought into the country by Australia's Number One Tablet Guy, Hugo Ortega. I got to play with it for a good 15 minutes, and I agree with Hugo's conclusion - it's a good "workhorse".

Following my geek out with the EO, I wandered a few of the halls and had a look at what was on show.

I then had the pleasure to meet the folks from Motion Computing. Don't know who Motion Computing is?

Formed in 2001 by industry veterans from companies like Dell, Compaq, Apple and Fujitsu; Motion Computing is a company driven to innovate. With a fervent focus on the mobile technologies that address its customers' needs, Motion strives to be the best at integrating world-class technologies into all its products.

Motion designs and adapts tablet PCs for the way people work. The result? Its customers experience revolutionary advances in productivity, without compromising their work styles to accommodate a machine.

Motion's mission is to inspire productivity through innovative mobile technology. By bringing the most advanced mobile technologies to market early, Motion has earned its reputation for leading the industry in tablet PC innovation.

They gave me a present:

It supports ink. Has a long lasting power source. It's really light. It's got unlimited storage.

Yes, it's a cardboard box in the shape of the LS800 which is an enterprise ready Ultra Mobile Tablet device. LOL

After all the excitement of the morning, I had to sit down, have a quiet coffee and gather my strength for the afternoon...

See what's happening at CeBIT!

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