Browsers used by visitors yestedray

Last night I posted operation
systems used by visitors to my blog
. In the comments, someone asked for
Browser breakdown, so I turned to Blogbeat,
picked a day (Yesterday April 5) and here is the breakdown. I've rolled up some
of the numbers for ease of comparison.

IE6 542 61%
FireFox (various flavours) 248 28%
IE7 57 6%
Desktop (dont know this one) 19 2%
OPERA (various flavours) 14 2%
Mozilla (various flavours) 8 1%
IE5 3 0%

Firefox represents just over a quarter of all traffic, and if you clump
Firefox, Mozilla and Opera together - that accounts for almost a third of all

Good to see IE7 out in the wild.

I wonder what DESKTOP is?

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  1. Wagahai says:

    Do realize that the IE numbers can not be fully trusted. Many RSS readers embed IE to download and render content. One popular example is SharpReader, which is my primary RSS reader. I do not care to via my RSS feeds in FF or IE7. My "indirect" usage of IE via SharpReader is not by choice.

  2. Bruce McLeod says:


    With 74 mac users, I am surprised not to see safari in the browser list.


  3. SB says:

    Could Desktop be google desktop search (unless it uses some embedded browser to gather content)??

    The latest version allows aggregation of RSS content (automagically picks up RSS feeds on websites visited).

  4. Anonymous says:


    looked at the browsers visiting my blog a few months back

    Time to revisit - here’s a breakdown…

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