e-Festival of Ideas 2006 :: Now on!

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I am a guest panelist for the e-festival hosted by vibewire.net

I will be hanging around the Technology forum contributing cunning commentary, hilarious witticisms, pearls of wisdom, nuggets of knowledge, and other assorted insights and insults.

Here's the blurb from a recent email I got about the event:

Fit in your diary now, 'cos you're invited to the second annual e-Festival of Ideas - a conference with a virtual, democratic twist.

It' s free, it' s on 24 hours a day, and you can join in from anywhere in the world!

It's an opportunity for everyone - expert and non-expert - to share perspectives and insights on issues that matter to you, from global poverty to climate change to identity, the media, art and travel. These nine lively panels will feature guests including -

Peter Garrett - Federal MP & musician
Courtney Gibson - Head of Entertainment, ABC TV
Sean Williams - bestselling sci-fi & technology author
Ryan Heath - Author, 'Please Just F* Off, It' s Our Turn Now'
Megan Spencer - Resident film geek, jjj
Erin Free - editor, Filmink
Mary Mycio - Environmental author & journalist
Alan Kay - Software guru
Andrew Charlton - Co-author, " Fair Trade for All"
David Ransom - Editor, New Internationalist

The panels, supported by articles, blogs and short films cater for any taste, including;

Global Poverty: I can' t achieve anything, so why bother?
Technology: Life in the New Millennium
Written Word: getting inspired, funded and published
Climate Change & Sustainability: Does anyone care anymore?
Visual Arts: comics, anime & beyond
Identity: Who do you think YOU are?!
Entertainment: Local Content, Local Space?
Travel: It' s not just the destination&
Film: consuming, critiquing and creating

So come along, join the discussions and tell us what you think!


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