TechTalkBlogs : 5 weeks since launch

It's Monday, which means I need to do an update on TechTalkBlogs, as it moves into it's fifth week since launch

System Summary
  Apr 3 Mar 27 Mar 20 Mar 13 Mar 6 Feb 27
Active Feeds: 222 219 218 214 196 183
Feed Items: 3,329 3,030 2,290 1,805 1,486 1,174
Votes: 1,331 1,178 989 883 1,068 762

3 new blogs were added during the week:

I'm a bit disappointed to see the number of net new votes go down for the week - have the posts not been vote worthy??

I've adjusted the scoring system this week, which this week is featuring prime numbers:

  • 19 points for the initial post
  • 43 points per vote
  • 3 points deducted per hour

It's pretty aggressive - keeps stories on the front page for a few hours and allows stories with votes to hang around for a few days (if people bother to vote).

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  1. Mitch Denny says:

    Hi Frank,

    I think one of the reasons for the votes dropping off is that when you subscribe via an aggregator all you have the option of doing is visiting the site to vote up posts.

    Maybe if you appended "Thumb Up" links to the RSS items in the actual post – that way you can vote from it from within your aggregator.

    I think you could set that up pretty easily. The AJAX code you are using to do the thumb up could just be turned into a static GET HTTP mechnism for the purpose.

    Want a demo?

  2. Anonymous says:


    weeks since launch, we’re bubbling along nicely with TechTalkBlogs. Here’s the system


  3. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t looked at the TechTalkBlog stats for a

    few weeks now, due to my

    break, so let’s take…

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    TechTalkBlogs has been

    kicking around for a bit over 10 weeks now, infact for those of you keeping…

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    Time to check in on the health of TechTalkBlogs. It’s been alive 83

    days. Feb 24 was

    when I first…

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    might be at home sick but that’s not going to stop me doing the update on TechTalkBlogs for the…

  7. Anonymous says:

    We’re getting close to 100 days of TechTalkBlogs. That’s quite


    Let’s do a quick health…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, we past 100 days of TechTalkBlogs, and since today’s

    date is so special (6/6/6 for


  9. Anonymous says:

    Today, TechTalkBlogs, hits

    its 111th day. 111 is a

    nice little number. My title has me channelling…

  10. Anonymous says:

    We’re at the end of financial year and TechTalkBlogs, has been around for

    126 days.

    I didn’t do…

  11. Anonymous says:

    We’re at the end of financial year and TechTalkBlogs, has been around for

    126 days.

    I didn’t do…

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