TechTalkBlogs : How are we doing after one month ??

It's been a month
since we launched TechTalkBlogs

Let's review the stats from the systems:

System Summary
  Mar 27 Mar
Mar 13 Mar 6 Feb 27
Active Feeds: 219 218 214 196 183
Feed Items: 3,030 2,290 1,805 1,486 1,174
Votes: 1,178 989 883 1,068 762

Hmmm, new registrations have slowed down. Feeds are flowing, and we're
getting a few more votes.

I looked at the top posters a while back, now let me call out the top vote

And the top posts which have scored 7 votes or more are:

Now, someone asked me how the ranking system worked.

It's pretty simple.

A post gets a set of points at the start (Let's call this I), then
points are added per vote (let's call this V) and finally points are deducted
each hour from initial posting (let call this H).

The formula looks something like this : Rank Score = (I +
NumberOf Votes * V) - (HourSincePost * H).

The list is then
sorted by this Rank Score

I have been playing with the different values of the weekend, tweaking the
values to see how the order of the stories change. Can anyone guess the current
values of I, V and H??

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    Well, we past 100 days of TechTalkBlogs, and since today’s

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    We’re at the end of financial year and TechTalkBlogs, has been around for

    126 days.

    I didn’t do…

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