Bruised Egos, Aussie Blogosphere chaos or just a lot of hot air

I seemed to have touched a raw nerve the other day with my post to the
Australian Blogosphere for a list of "A-List Bloggers"
. Since the post hit
as the same time as the
folks attending the MediaConnect forum
, it was always going to be

, Charles
, Cam
, Shane
, and Paul

It was awesome to watch this all unfold, and I'm just waiting for Phil, Renai, Rodney and Rob to sink in the boots real soon now
😉  It's a good thing I'm out of the country, or they may send 'the boys'

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  1. Renai LeMay says:

    Boots….that sounds like something that would require effort. In fact that sounds altogether too much like work. And seeing as I’m at home I’m going to sink a beer instead.

  2. and man, did I cop some shite for dobbing them in!!! BUt as I said, I got them on the front page of tech.memeo, so I was just trying to help! 🙂

    Don’t worry Franky, I’m watching your back buddy.

  3. Good on you Franky for "starting something"…

    I’m enjoying learning a hell of a lot more about our Aussie part of the Blogosphere!

  4. Des Walsh says:

    Interesting to scan the links from this post and read some of the comments. It’s clearly a cosy club – even if some of the exchanges are barbed. But as a blogger with a passion to help owners of other-than-IT small business see the potential of blogging to help grow their business, I’m keen to know who is blogging for business outside the charmed circle of journos/IT/media/PR/advertising.  And while there are obviously some very stimulating blogs in the above-mentioned circle, I don’t see that cutting a lot of ice with people in non-IT manufacturing, retailing, distribution, professional services. I hate having to rely on US or European examples when trying to explain this to Aussie business owners.  

  5. Rodney Gedda says:

    Don’t stress Frank, it’s not the first time I’ve been discriminated against solely because of my profession and it probably won’t be the last.


  6. Anonymous says:


    all the excitement about my office move, I forget to post about my

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  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    July 1 marks the start of the new financial year. It’s like the start of a

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