Aussie .NET Blogger list Maintenance Day – I’ve been beyond slack

I have not been able to get around to updating the Aussie .NET blogger list for months and months (October 24 2005 to be precise)

We cracked the century mark - Rob Farley was the lucky recipient of that priviledge. He can strut around smugly with the knowledge that he was the 100th.

I added heaps today to the list : Jeff Alexander, Mark Baartse, Michael Kleef, Philip Richardson, Geoff Orr, Karl Kopp, Fergal Ó Ceallaigh, Chris Hampson, Peter Ward, Glenn Wilson, LakshmiKanth Upadrasta, Shane Sukul, Richard Angus, Mark Cohen, David Mcg, Michael Freidgeim, Andrew Delin, Ben Schmurgon, KarChew Lim and Eric Lam

That takes us to 120 members of the humble list.

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  1. Can you update my entry please Frank?

    Instead of it should be


  2. Thanks for the update Frank. There is an error in the opml though. The last entry needs htmlUrl=" added after the title attribute for Eric Lam.

  3. frankarr says:

    hey guys – fixes applied

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