MyHeritage.Com Face Recognition Fun

I saw a few posts flying around last week about (via Sanaz, Michael Coates, Robert Scoble, Channel9), so I thought I would try it out.

I used 2 different photos and got 2 different results! What a surprise

The first one matched me with the Dalai Lama - hmmmm

The second matched me with infamous criminal hacker (and fellow 1963 baby) Kevin Mitnick

And I was hoping of getting the match of Johnny Depp wearing a Hat, which Scoble scored

Scoble and Depp

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  1. Sean Kaye says:

    Scoble is like the blogging equivalent of a guy who falls out of a second storey window into the open back of a truck full of pillows and as he steps out into on coming traffic the lights change colour and he finds a winning lottery ticket in the middle of the road. I bet if removed the glassed changed the angle a photo of Brad Pitt would come up. Some people are blessed and some of us are Kevin Mitnick.

  2. davidlem says:

    I had to do it too Franky! But mate, you gotta tell the photo dude[ttes] to lay off the "soft light" filter in Photoshop on your press pix! He he 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    TaDa!, top 20 posts for January 2007 . Old posts continue to be popular. My Elfamorphosis Windows Vista

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