Off for the summer – See you in 2006

I'm off for the next few weeks, to enjoy some of my summer holidays. I'm going to be sitting on a beach on the South Coast of NSW - unconnected, unwired and untethered.

Have a Happy Christmas. Hope Santa is good to you all.

See you all in 2006!!!!

[ Currently Playing : I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Jimmy McGriff - Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails, Pt. 2 (06:39) ]

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  1. Mike Seyfang says:

    Good plan Frank – plan to do the same myself.

    Judging by the photo and the song playing you might enjoy the music on the christmas episode of the Rock and Roll Geek Podcast at:

    Seasons gratings, love and kisses etc, etc

    Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

    p.s. heres a card 4 ye family:!1p6t4igVZ5-R-npCeqnrN2MA!618.entry

  2. Joel Semeniuk says:

    I was searching the internet in an attempt to purchase the Cross Pen and your Blog came up. Now every person looking for that pen will read your story. Amazing how things work.

    Further, it’s embarassing to say but this is the first Blog I have ever read. Just last week I can be quoted as telling a friend that "Blogs are the biggest waste of time ever. I’ll never read one."

    I’ll put my foot in my mouth for that because here I am reading one and what’s worse: I liked it. On the other hand I was right that this has been a huge waste of time. I still don’t have the pen and your probably not even going to read this.

    Happy Australia Day,


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