The Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference and Me

Unlimited Potential LogoI was invited to attend and speak at the Unlimited Potential Community Conference.

This event allows Microsoft to connect the 180+ Unlimited Potential Community-based Technology Learning Centres (CTLCs) with each other, with a view to achieving synergy and a sense of community. The emphasis will be on the provision of practical and relevant information to centre managers and trainers from these community organisations.

The Objectives for Community Partners:

  • Access to key information and tools from Microsoft, Community Partners, Government and each other
  • Create a sense of partnership and community between UP centres around the country
  • Share learnings, challenges best practices and practical training tips and tricks
  • Network and up-skill

I was asked to speak about "Online Communities - What are they & How to get involved", which included a discussion on blogging. Lately it would seem I'm become the Microsoft Australia Blogging Officer (yes, I know Robert Scoble also uses this title, but I'm in Australia, so I will claim the local version of it). I gave the presentation twice, once before lunch and once after. **URL FIXED**

The agenda looked like this:

  • What is an Online Community
  • What is a blog
  • Why is it important
  • How can you get started
  • Tips to help

I told some stories, referenced wikipedia, cracked some jokes, praised my wife, plugged msn spaces, searched technorati and used the experience of Mike Seyfang's Learn Dog to demonstrate the value of online communities and the power of blogging. Mike was in attendance and wrote about it on his blog too.

My presentation is now online (695kb ppt file), and it includes a number of cartoons from Hugh McLeod (who said it was ok to use them). I was in part inspired by a presentation that Robert Scoble had given at the Google Zeitgeist conference.

So, if you are here because you attended the session, leave me a comment, Tell me what you thought. If it has inspired you to start a blog, let me know the URL and I can come visit and maybe even subscribe.

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  1. Ben Barren says:

    Hey Frank – You are Australia’s Chief Australian Blog Officer Chairman Emeritus.. hey can u send me .ppt – the link is 404’ing. Also lots of talk about an independent Australian Blog/2.0 Conferenec (thats MS friendly of course !) redbarren @ gmail etc thx chairman bb (when u in melbourne next mr plazes ?)

  2. Alan McGregor says:

    Hey Frank,

    Was at the conference and thoroughly enjoyed your talk. Thinking about starting a blog but not sure if this old fart is ready for it. Perhaps I’ll watch and see for a while.

  3. Hi there Frank.

    Many thanks for posting the PP slides. I will store them and use them later when I get some time to run a brief for my the volunteer trainers. Your brief about the Up conf on your blog is extremely useful as well. It summerizes the whole thing perfectly.

    Interestingly, I found your post after installing "Feedreader" and subscribing to Mike’s LearnDOG blog. Not bad for a days work at home on a Saturday after having done all the chores and consumed a few ambers…Hey, I even started a blog. Give me time, I am sure I can think of something interesting to post.

    Cheers for now. Keep up the great work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference next week. I’ve

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