I almost made it to the Informal lunch on Social Media inside the Enterprise

I corresponded with Matt Moore recently and we set a time to meet up for lunch, which was scheduled for today

The meeting got bigger and bigger, and was to included Trevor Cook & Andrew Mitchell, as well as Ross Dawson, and Matt hinted that the recently elusive James Dellow may make an appearance.

I was all set to head into town, when I got a call from my distressed wife (who was visiting Santa's Kingdom at the time, which may explain WHY she was distressed) about an incident at my son's high school and that I needed to go and collect him. So, off I went to Crows Nest to collect Antony and take him home.

Now, what this also meant was that I couldn't get back into town in time for the Informal lunch on Social Media inside the Enterprise. Unfortunatly I was unable to contact Matt to let him know I couldn't make it. Luck was on my side however, as I had an email from Ross Dawson, following his recent post on the sorry state of Australian Corporate Blogging, which had his phone number!!  I called Ross and asked him to pass on my apologies about not turning up.

Guys, I hope those wood-fired pizzas were yummy. I'll be there next time - I promise....

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  1. Ross Dawson says:

    Was great Frank! Sorry you couldn’t make it. Free flowing discussion, didn’t solve the problems of the universe, but at least got started on it. Eight of us, jamming on what the blockages are, though we’re fairly sanguine on where this will go. See you at the next one!

  2. Was good to almost meet you. Next time, for sure!

    Do you know of any firms (professional service and/or Australian) blogging inside the firewall?

  3. James Dellow says:

    You missed a good lunch – see you next time!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Today I finally caught up with fellow blogger, and Harold Lloyd look alike, Matt Moore.



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