Bad Christmas Poetry

Last year, I wrote a poem as my editorial for the Christmas Edition of the MSDN Flash.

I didn't write a poem this year, but I thought I would put last year's poem up on the blog, just for fun.

T’was the Flash before Christmas, and all through DPE
No evangelist was resting, not even me

For we had another edition to do
I couldn't leave work 'til I was through

No editor’s note written, no articles to pick
No offers, no downloads, I was feeling quite sick

If only I’d written something last week
I could relax and enjoy being a geek

I must include a note about February
The Security Summit will be most extraordinary

I’ve had to skip meetings with each of my team
Coatsy, Jas, Deeps, Dave, Chuck, By now you’ll know exactly who I mean

So, instead I sit here writing, alone at this stage
When all of a sudden I've filled up a page

Now the editor’s note is done, I feel full of cheer
So have a Merry Christmas, speak to you next year

Emma did a special drawing too, just for the edition

A picture named santa frankarr .jpg

[ Currently Playing : Six White Boomers - Rolf Harris - A Real Aussie Christmas (03:14) ]

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