What day is it?? What town am I in? Have I got any clean clothes left?

This week has been a blur. I've gpne from Sydney to Perth, then from Perth to Brisbane.

Perth's Community launch was on Monday evening. To be honest, we didnt have the crowds that we had come to expect, but what it meant was we had quality talk time with all the attendees. I got to meet some of the more prolific contributors to the aus-dotnet mailing list. Tablet Guy was adopted by Perth based MVP and Perth Community of Practice Leader, Nick Randolph. Nice piercings Nick - very rock n roll!!

The Business Launch went well on Tuesday, with lots of questions from the attendees. Not surprisingly, the questions were similar to the other cities:

  1. How do I buy Visual Studio 2005 and how does the transition work for my existing MSDN subscription?
  2. How can I migrate my v1.1 application to v2.0 of the framework
  3. How much does this stuff cost
  4. How can I get my hands onto VSTS
  5. Where can I find hosting for ASP.NET v2.

During the day, we made a video featuring David Lempher's talking about DLINQ. Michael Kleef was a wizard, he shot the video and had it edited and posted within 20 minutes. Way to go Kleefy!

In the afternoon, following the sessions, I had to take a walk around the city of Perth. Along the way, I came across Java Joe, a local coffee shop which had with a feisty barista who made a mean expresso. The Barista's name was Jo, which I thought appropriate since she was working at Java Joe. Big Shout out to you Jo - have a safe trip to Bali!

Our steak house tour took a bit of a detour and we ended up in Subiaco at the Witch's Couldron. (Side note, If I had know they had a PHP based website......)

This morning, we had the delighful experience of a 5am start to catch a flight out of Perth. Even more delightful, the flight went via Adelaide. At some stage later in the day, having crossed 3 timezones, we arrived in Brisbane, ready for the local community launch this evening.

So, this evening the Brisbane Community launch went off!!! 100+ geeks arrived in the Brisbane office and milled about talking about their favourite features of VS2005 and SQL 2005. Generics, for some reason, was popular. I want to give a big shout out to our Brisbane Intern, Paul Woods. Thanks for all your help today matey!!! Be nice to Tablet Guy

I also had the great pleasure to meet one of my ISV Buddy who works for a local ISV called Manday Technologies  We had been speaking via phone, email and IM, but had not had the chance to meet face to face, until this evening. Big Shout out to you Bronwyn, and those things I mentioned were SPLA, smarterchild and Konfabulator, not to mention all the cool Microsoft web technologies.

So, the evening has ended and I am back at my hotel room, getting ready for another early start tomorrow. I head down to Sydney to attend Atomic Live, which is where we will be launched Visual Studio Express. I'm going to miss the Brisbane Business Launch, but I am sure the rest of the team will do a great job.

On to Sydney!

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    Thanks for the links Frank…smarter child is very cool. Definatly taking it and encarta to the next trivial persuit night.

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