Things on the improve?

Following the experience of the night before, the hotel 'found' me another room, so I'm not on a FOLDAWAY bed anymore.

Now, I am in a room called the Presidential Suite. It's grand and all, complete with a view, a bar and leather lounges, but you know *IF* a predsident were in the room and *IF* he needed to communicate with his people flung all over the world in a time of crisis, he would have a tough time doing it. Unless he fired up a browser on the in-room tv internet access thingy. Anyways, enough whining. At least I had a bed to sleep in.

I have had heaps of suggestions from folks in my comments, about the WiFi options available in Wellington, with a few suggestions that I use CaféNET -  I remember Paul Andrew telling me about this when it was first established. Looks like I'm going to go for a wander during the day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am heading over to Wellington,  May 24-27, to be part of an event

    called Webstock.

    I’m going…

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