Ahhh. the joys of travel

As I said, I am in Wellington NZ this week.

Well, when I turned up at my hotel - Duxton Hotel Wellington - I discovered that I was sharing a room with one of my colleagues. Ok, it's part of team bonding, I'll go with the flow.

I get up to the room, and it's a suite, with just ONE double bed. Now, I like Ben and all, but this is just unacceptable. I head down to tell the staff at the front desk, and they had a good laugh when I told them there was only ONE bed. "We know" they said, amidst smirks. AND they informus that there are no other rooms in the hotel available (how can this be - no offence, but it is Wellington). Jeremy the Duty Manager tried his hardest (or so he said) and in the end we get a FOLDAWAY bed put into the lounge room.

Ben and I decided to play ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS to determine who gets the bed.

I go Scissors, he throws Rock, so I'm sleeping in the lounge room on the FOLDAWAY bed! I should have introduced RPS-25.

There is a desk in this room, so looking on the bright side, I decide to try and get some work done & maybe read some blogs.

So, I turn on my PC and search for a WiFi network. Nope.

So, I look around for the in-room broadband connection. Nope.

I call the front desk and they tell me I can use my modem and dial-up connection, or I can access the internet via the tv in the room. 

What the?? Dial-up? I can't remember the last I used a dialup connection!  What year are we in?? It's 2005 people! We need high speed internet access. I'm staying in the capital city of a modern progressive country and what do I get? A dialup connection and a FOLDAWAY bed. I certainly wont be able to watch the zephrometer webcam.

Tomorrow I'm going to look for a nearby WiFi Hotspot and maybe a new hotel.

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  1. Ian Smith says:

    Duxton is a nice hotel (their breakfasts are fantastic) but the internet connectivity sucks big time. I was there a couple of years ago covering the Return of the King premiere trying to file web site updates (http://www.iansmith.co.uk/lotr/weblogs/NewZealandItinerary.htm) and it was a complete nightmare. You’d get a connection and two hours in (that would take 5 minutes at other NZ hotels) it would just drop out. It’s hard to believe that two years on they STILL haven’t upgraded their system given it’s arguably the best hotel in Wellington.

  2. Nic Wise says:

    Ah yes. Atleast you are not in Auckland. Up there you dont have ANY options. Seriously.

    Recommendation: go to http://www.cafenet.co.nz, find the nearest access point (there are atleast 2 I know of within walking of the Duxton, which is also about 30 seconds on the segway from my office 🙂 ). Cafenet is a public access network, tho it does cost money – not a lot, tho ($20 for 70meg, or you can get a day pass for $10).

    I’m not sure if there is one that covers the duxton itself tho 🙁

    If you want inroom broadband, the only hotel I know of in WLG that has it is the Ibis, which is about 1 block from the MS offices. It’s about $30/day, but its fast and, well, the cable sticks out of the wall 🙂 The Ibis is also one of the cheapest hotels in wellington (duxton = about $250/night, Ibis = about $120/night, tho that might be a bit old), and for me, the most comfortable (I’ve stayed in the Duxton a lot, as well as the Intercontinental, which is the "best" in wlg, and I hate both of them – they are just SO FAKE!!)

    As for "this is 2005, folks" – yes, it is…. Sad, aye!


    Nic. Compact Framework MVP, Wellington.

  3. Rob Barac says:

    If you’d only asked for a sheep that would not have been too hard. This is why I always stay at a Holiday Inn. They can be nasty, but there is always free internet.

  4. chjohn says:

    New Zealand is SHOCKING for this. If they have any high speed connection in the room they charge through the ROOF for it!!!

    Lay a complaint/suggestion … it is the only way they will get the message.

  5. Andy Lark says:

    Ok – so it is bad in NZ. You can’t take it for granted so ask first. In most NZ hotels the "Biz Level" – like I really care about this feature but anyway – does offer broadband in the room. The James Cook for instance in Wellington. The Intercontinental in Wellington offers it in all rooms and Cafe’ Net in Wellington is great. In Auckland the Seibel, Stamford Plaza, and HIlton all offer broadband.

    My fave experience was trying to use wifi at the Seibel in Auckland as the wired broadband was out. Unfortunately Telecom NZ required you have a residential account to use it. Duh!

    Anyway, the basic message is check first. I’ve run into the same problems in Australia.

  6. Rob Irwin says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t throw a telephone at them when they started smirking… in the best Russell Crowe tradition, of course 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am heading over to Wellington,  May 24-27, to be part of an event

    called Webstock.

    I’m going…

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