Web 2.0 Action : Melbourne Long Tail BBQ + Camp Details

Further to my post about Web 2.0 happening Downunder, I got an email from Ben Barren about an upcoming event in my old home town of Melbourne - it is the Melbourne Long Tail BBQ + Camp

Melbourne Long Tail BBQ + Camp Details


33 Regent Street, Elsternwick.


Friday November 11, 2005. Late arvo for helping set up and start cooking, very soon afterwards for when the first beer is opened, 7pm for when the first round of tucker will be cooked, and then 7.30pm for when the first presentation begins.


Anyone who is interested in sustainable Australian businesses which are based on the Internet.

  • entrepreneurs
  • coders
  • investors
  • journos
  • marketing types
  • university/high school prodigies
  • Old Media salarimen
  • ASIO spooks
  • probably some clapped-out old bore who everyone ignores

What to bring

  • a plate (in the Australian meaning of the word, meaning put something edible on the plate, most likely hors d'oeuvres or sweets)
  • grog (and beware, ye shalt be judged upon thy choice of beverage)
  • laptop
  • ALL of your startup's employees (not just the marketing dude or the CEO)
  • sleeping bag/change of underpants/toiletries if needed
  • candid pics of hot celebs to keep Ben happy

What NOT to bring

  • world-weary cynicism
  • sneering attitude
  • holier-than-thou 1.0 haughtiness
  • list of buyout candidates for your startup
  • jellied fruit

What will be provided

  • free wireless Internet
  • white board
  • digital projector (USB connection)
  • textas
  • coloured A1 paper which participants MUST use to record collaborative discussions
  • phat mashup beats
  • snags
  • dead horse
  • blowies
  • dunny

How long for

Ostensibly just for the Friday evening, but if a bunch of coders all get excited about a group project or whatever, could stretch into a weekend-long collaborative project sleepover dealie. It's a house, so there will be bits of carpet rented out FREE for which to kip on (BYO sleeping bag).

Sounds like a fun gig. I'm sorry I can't get down to Melbourne this weekend to be part of the action.

I just want to see people in sleeping bags sleeping over at Ben's place. That would be a pretty funny sight. Cam - you bringing your sleeping bag?

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