Hello, yes I am still here

You know, when one of your own mentions that he has *NOT* seen a new blog post for a week, you gotta wonder a couple of things:

  1. good to know I have readers out there
  2. why did it take a week to say something
  3. gosh I've been busy with stuff. time to get back on the blog

I'll put up a bunch of post - I have heaps of stuff to write about, but I want to explain why things have been unusually quiet.

Turns out I've been doing a bit of internal evangelism - now I am sure you are asking yourself "WHY?". To be honest, I ask myself the same question, but it has to been done. I can't just tell our folks to go read my blog, because I know they wont, for a whole bunch of reasons. So, what I have to do is spend time talking to these folks, telling them what I do, what my team does, and why it's important for Microsoft. Some get it. A lot don't. It's like the news from today about Windows Live and Office Live. The most common response I get to the news was, "so what, it's another portal site". This is not an uncommon response.

Anyways, back to my internal evangelism efforts. I'm always being asked by Microsoft managers what I do and my team does. The evil part of my wants to tell them to go and talk to our customers and partners, because the customers and partners will tell them what we do. The not so evil part of me overcomes these urges and I then try to explain what we do in simple terms, such as be the face of microsoft to the local developers and it professionals, engage with the community. These statements are ocassionally met with blinks and stares and nervous fidgets. I feel like buying them a copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto. But I soldier on.

Anyway, enough complaining. Such is the nature of the job. Back to creating passionate users. I now return to regular blogging.

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  1. Mark Baartse says:

    Frank, why don’t you just tell them to subscribe to your blog in their RSS aggregator?


  2. frankarr says:

    mark – you are a funny bugger.

  3. Sean Kaye says:

    I’ve realised recently, in the last few months especially, there are two types of "Microsoftees", there are the folks like Frank and Rob Caron who relate to the community without all of the hub-bub of Scoble and then there is the other type of people who think of the community as something to sell to. Thankfully, more and more the balance seems to be shifting to those who "get it."

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