Sydney has VSLive!, Canberra get Ready to Rock

VSLive! has kicked off in Sydney today. The first day of VSLive is also the Business Launch day. Talk about overloading the event calendar!  Our special guest keynote speaker was David Treadwell, Corporate Vice President, .NET Developer Platform, Developer Division (I notice that he has a blog, but hasnt updated for a while, but I…


World Swim for Malaria

Des Walsh, a business coach and blogging evangelist, pinged me about the upcoming World Swim for Malaria, which has been initiated by an Aussie based in London. The equivalent of seven jumbo jets full of children die every day from the highly preventable disease, malaria (3,000 children every day) The single most effective way of preventing…


Angus Logan : Blue Badge

In the lift at the office today, I bumped into Angus Logan. It’s true – he works at Microsoft. He showed me his ‘blue badge’. Time to move from Welcome to Sydney dude! [ Currently Playing : Felis Navidad – Jose Feliciano – So Fresh – Songs for Christmas Disc 2 (03:04) ]

Melbourne Rocked too. Sydney and Canberra You’re next!

I’ve returned home, following the Ready Launch in Melbourne. The Melbourne Community Launch saw the who’s who of the local sql server & dev community. For some reason the karaoke wasn’t as popular as it was in Adelaide. Maybe the Melbourne folks are a bit shy. However, we did see some creative fellows put together a…


Adelaide Rocked! Melbourne are you Ready?

The last few days have seen the Ready Tour kick off in Adelaide. The community launch saw the local luminaries join in our “Karaoke madness”, with a number of folks confirming that IT *is* the industry for them.  At the Business launch, I had lots of questions from the attendees, but it really boiled down…


What is this Community Launch Thing?

I’m sitting in the Adelaide office, about to head out to the the community launch here, and I’ve been asked by folks what this is all about. Well, it’s pretty simple – we have a fantastic collection of user groups around the country, and we want to use this time to acknowledge the folks who…


Tablet Guy Downunder and Ready!!

The Tablet Guy has come to town and he is joining me on the Ready Tour Community Launches I have one to give to the best Geek Rocker in each city, so see you there! [ Currently Playing : Jingle Bells/Jingle Bell Rock – Hollyridge Strings – Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails (05:15) ]


Little Aussie Battlers do good

It wasn’t just the Aussie Soccer team that were winners this week. Local secretgeek, Leon Bambrick, in conjunction with his icelandic colleague Atli Björgvin Oddsson, won the Grand Prize in the Larkware 2005 Programming Contest. As Leon told me in an email: This is a huge win for us, and I think it’s a good thing…


Well, Wellington Rocked! So, Australia get Ready!

I went along to the Connect ’05 event in Wellington on Wednesday. This was the first of the launch activities across Australia and New Zealand. I didn’t get a chance to attend all the sessions, but I was able to stick me head into one or two and saw people standing in the aisles. It…


Ready for Community Launch?

** Updated the Adelaide Venue ** All the boys are excited about the upcoming tour – Andrew Coates, Dave Glover, Michael Kleef and Dave “Mo” Lemphers all have a story to tell about it. Here’s where the team will be and when:  Date Event Time Location Registration 21-11-05 Adelaide Community Launch 18:00-21:00 Adelaide Innovation CentreLevel 2…