Aussie .NET Blogger list Maintenance Day – I’ve been slack

I've been putting off this task for a few weeks, or so I thought.

Turns out, I haven't updated the list since August!  How slack is that!!

I have a bunch of requests queued up for updates to the Aussie .NET blogger list., and I've been working through them all today.

Lots of folks changing their blog hosts. So far, I have updated Anthony Borton, Joe Sango, Grant Holliday, Luke Drumm, and our own Nigel Watson

I've added new blogs for  Deepak Kapoor, Paul Stovell and Philip Beadle.

Now, I know I've probably missed a few changes, so please get back to me and I will do the updates asap.

BTW we are up to 99 members of the list! Who will be #100 ???

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  1. Eric Lam says:

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

    I have been blogging the latest available Microsoft downloads for quite a few months now (hence the tagline ‘Keeping you informed in the Digital Age’) and people have found it quite useful. Yes, my blog does include blogs about VS 2005 and even the folks in my team refer to it at work. 🙂

    The RSS feed is:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have not been able to get around to updating the Aussie .NET blogger list for

    months and months…

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