Popup Madness

Some of my readers alerted me to some popup ad weirdness regarding my blog

Turns out, some of the funky stuff I was embedding on my nav was pulling in some stealth advertising as well.  I've removed all the embeds, including photos from flickr, webstats tracking and technorati tags.

Sorry to all who were bombard with unwanted advertising.

Also, on the plus side, my page loads faster now.

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  1. geoff.appleby says:

    Sweet Frank. Your pages load sooo much faster now. Very kind of you to listen *nods*

  2. Rob Barac says:

    G’Day Frank,

    The Flickr stuff isn’t too bad if you only include 1 image and use the HTML code rather than flash. It shouldn’t have any impact on pop-ups.

    I do miss the floral shirt photos.

  3. William Luu says:

    Cool Frank!

    I was thinking it was just me. But then it never happened on any other websites I visit.

    I took a screenshot of it.


    For me, it was never a popup, but a "pop over". Oh, and that link in the status bar, is where you get redirected if you click on any part of the "popover"

  4. Jon Post says:

    Synchronicity day…

    Thinking of you, hit MSN search for Talking Heads DVDs and your blog comes up in the first twenty links!

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