Subject Line of Dread

Surely, there can't be a more scarier subject line in an email

Subject: Expense Claim Audit Status

But it is counterbalanced with a most delightful message body


Description and/or action required

Audit successful

You have been audited and there are no issues. Thank you for your
compliance with policies on this claim. No action

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the Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads - The Best of Talking Heads: Once in a
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Comments (3)
  1. The MSFT expenses audit is a frightening experience. I love MSExpense (who doesn’t – it gives you money!) – but it has a dark & scary side: the audit!

    BTW: IE7 is giving me weird pop up ads on your site. Might be one of your ‘flair’ buttons.

  2. davidlem says:

    Yeah Franky, what’s up with the pop-ups, I only expect those on my … whoops, nothing…ladi da

  3. geoff.appleby says:

    Yeah, I forgot to mention it the other day when I saw them them. I think you’ve included one too many remote thingies in your side bar frank! One of em has turned nasty.

    (And they take forever to load, so get rid of them all! 🙂

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