Hanging with the digerati

Last night I attended the launch of ITPro Australia at the MCA in Sydney. Special guest was Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. It was a swanky affair, filled with the who's who of the Australian ICT industry, and me! I think I was the only guy not in a suit. Even the waiters were dressed better than me, but I digress.

During the evening, I got to chat with a few folks, such as Brad Howarth and Graeme Philipson.

The chat with Graeme was interesting, as I was speaking to him about blogging, and related my story from earlier in the year when I met with Renai LeMai and we had a passionate discussion on blogging and journalism. I mentioned to Graeme that I wasn't seeing much of his writing recently, as I consume most of my information online. He has a regular section on The SMH, but it doesn't always end up online. I suggested he should start a blog and post his articles, as they are always a good read. He told me he didn't see much value in blogging. So I told Graeme about Darren Rouse aka ProBlogger, who is making money blogging. I also told him about services such as memeorandum which provides an auto updating collection of the hot storys on the web collated from blogs and news sites. Graeme didn't know about these things, so he thanked me for the info. So, Graeme if you are searching for the links of the sites I mentioned, they are all here in my post. We also had a chat about media consumption in general, and I told him how my kids watch TV on demand rather than the tradition FTA style, or they watch DVDs of TV shows. And we don't buy newspapers, as we consume all stuff online. We are traditional media's worse nightmare. Anyways...

I also had a good chat with Brad about a number of things, including his role on the National Executive of AIMIA. When I was involved in my Digital Media role years ago, I used to do a number of things with AIMIA, but we've drifted apart recently. Now, with the introduction of new tools, such as Atlas. Microsoft Expression, Visual Web Developer and our other Web Developer offerings, it would be good to reconnect with the community that AIMIA represents and let them know all about it. A good evangelist never sleeps.

All in all, it was a good night out. Great to see ITPro Australia launched and here's to the new IT Generation.

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