Ok, so I have been a bit obsessed with my new toy over the past few days. Even my wife noticed that I stopped eating over the weekend.

I have owned a whole slew of pocket pc devices over the years, from the Casio Casiopeia E10, HP Jornada 510, Compaq AERO, Compaq IPAQ (Generation 1 and 2), XDA, Imate Smartphone v1, and my recent XDA II. I have a nice computing museum of hand held devices. Not to mention the phones I have had - Motorola StarTac, Nokia 8210, Sony Ericsson T68i. Plus I also had other kinds of PDAs including a Franklin Rex 3 (remember those)

But the K-Jam really delivers on all the things that are important to me - plus it is a good phone.

I'll put together a review real soon. Gotta eat first

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  1. Eric Lam says:

    Maybe the K-Jam should come with…

    Health Warning: Whilst our product does not cause photosensitive seizures, it will make you lose your appetite! 🙂

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hey, I didn’t see you post a real review on the K-Jam. Any idea when you’ll do this, i’m interested to hear!


  3. frankarr says:


    as a matter of fact, i did post a review


    happy to answer any questions you may have

  4. Anonymous says:

    Over the weekend, I wanted to find an app for my i-mate K-JAM to allow me to follow the World Cup 2006…

  5. Anonymous says:

    July 1 marks the start of the new financial year. It’s like the start of a

    new season in footy. We…

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