Come to Papa!

i-mate K-JAM GSM/GPRS Pocket PC

Shhh - don't tell my XDA II about this, even though she new it would happen.

The order has gone in.The credit card was accepted.

I've got an order number and an invoice in my email.

I'm waiting for you baby, even though you have a stupid name - what's with K-jam anyway?

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  1. Neil says:

    The name K-JAM is probably a reference to the built-in keyboard. The similarly named JAM is actually the initials of i-mate’s CEO, Jim Andrew Morrison.

    Still, as product names go, it sucks. Just not as much as JASJAR…

  2. davidlem says:

    Can I have one too boss!?

  3. Jana says:

    kiss me!

  4. Rod says:

    Hi Frank, why did you pick the K-JAM over the JASJAR? Facing the same decision myself so interested in your thoughts.



  5. Looks great Frank, looking forward to checking out your reviews of it once it arrives.

  6. Garry Trinder says:

    Rod – Re why a K-Jam? There are a couple reason – the biggest being price (see my reaction at!1pYKb1ZqcqRpArJFnOQ07Isg!302.entry) – regardless of how cool it is NZ$2k is way too much – I can get a good laptop for that price.

    The biggest drawbacks of the K-Jam (IMHO) is lack of 3G and the tiny screen. Given I’ve lived with the Jam for this long (well – its only been six months or so) I’ll probably not suffer more than I have – and the keyboard will be useful.

    Just my 2c…

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