That’s Frank Arrigo, MACS

I recently joined the Australian Computer Society, and I am part of the NSW Branch.

I got a nifty card in the mail, as well as a spiffy pin and I can now put the letters MACS after my name, as well as get other member benefits.

When I joined up, there was a section on the form that had job classification. I picked "Other" and hand wrote "Evangelist". AND they still accepted my application. Thanks ACS dudes. 

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  1. Peter Q says:

    Wow, that and $3 will get you a good cup of coffee. The ACS has had a history of too little, too late, and being totally focused on it’s view of the world. I am quite suprised that someone from Microsoft would join. The time was, when Microsoft folk would scoff at ACS. The are, after all the home of the "Computer Driver’s License" and the "Practising computer professional" qualification – Most of of us aren’t practising – we do it for real…

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