Aussie .NET Blogger list Maintenance Day – I’ve been slack

I’ve been putting off this task for a few weeks, or so I thought. Turns out, I haven’t updated the list since August!  How slack is that!! I have a bunch of requests queued up for updates to the Aussie .NET blogger list., and I’ve been working through them all today. Lots of folks changing their blog…


Popup Madness

Some of my readers alerted me to some popup ad weirdness regarding my blog.  Turns out, some of the funky stuff I was embedding on my nav was pulling in some stealth advertising as well.  I’ve removed all the embeds, including photos from flickr, webstats tracking and technorati tags. Sorry to all who were bombard…


Subject Line of Dread

Surely, there can’t be a more scarier subject line in an email Subject: Expense Claim Audit Status But it is counterbalanced with a most delightful message body Item Description and/or action required Audit successful You have been audited and there are no issues. Thank you for your compliance with policies on this claim. No action required….


Hanging with the digerati

Last night I attended the launch of ITPro Australia at the MCA in Sydney. Special guest was Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. It was a swanky affair, filled with the who’s who of the Australian ICT industry, and me! I think I was the only guy not in…


Ok, so I have been a bit obsessed with my new toy over the past few days. Even my wife noticed that I stopped eating over the weekend. I have owned a whole slew of pocket pc devices over the years, from the Casio Casiopeia E10, HP Jornada 510, Compaq AERO, Compaq IPAQ (Generation 1…


It arrived – Frank has his K-Jam

It arrived. Can’t talk – playing. mmmmmmm kjam [ Currently Playing : Sax and Violins – Talking Heads – The Best of Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime (05:18) ]


It’s shipped!!

It’s on it’s way, baby!


Come to Papa!

Shhh – don’t tell my XDA II about this, even though she new it would happen. The order has gone in.The credit card was accepted. I’ve got an order number and an invoice in my email. I’m waiting for you baby, even though you have a stupid name – what’s with K-jam anyway? [ Currently…


Coding4Fun Flair : Spread The Word

Brian Keller pointed to the Coding4Fun flair, which was developed by Kent Sharkey. It’s cool, but it’s too big for my particular layout. I gave a 3 column view layout and it just doesnt fit! Come on Sharkey – give me one that is 120 pixels wide please – I’ll happily spread the word! […


That’s Frank Arrigo, MACS

I recently joined the Australian Computer Society, and I am part of the NSW Branch. I got a nifty card in the mail, as well as a spiffy pin and I can now put the letters MACS after my name, as well as get other member benefits. When I joined up, there was a section on…