I’ve been speaking to the press…

I've had a few interviews with different journalists over the past week.

I was interviewed by JV Douglas from MIS Magazine  for a feature on user groups she is writing.  I spoke at length about the different types of user groups, how MS works with them and what the benefits are.  I then talked about MVPs and how they are often the drivers of user groups, and how some companies are encouraging their people to be community leaders.  I also got to mention the wonderful Code Camp OZ which ran earlier this year, and finally how Microsoft uses community feedback in product development

Another interview was with a person doing a piece about business blogging in Australia. She was curious as to why Microsoft was taking a lead in this, and why other traditional organisations weren't turning to blogging as a way to speak to the customers. 

I have yet to see any of it online, but I'm sure this will appear soon. I get so impatient if stuff isn't instantly published. The joys of online. In the old media world we need to kill some trees to get this stuff out first.

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