For Sale : Sauce Reader RSS reader product with source code

The locally developed Sauce Reader is for sale on ebay.

I blogged about this app 12 months ago. Now, the source code is for sale.


Sauce Reader is a powerful and highly regarded RSS reader and weblog posting application.

Basic Facts

  • Sauce Reader is an RSS reader and weblog editing software for Windows.
  • You can download full working versions of Sauce Reader v1.10.exe or Sauce Reader v2.0.1.exe.
  • Sauce Reader has many unique features including:

    • Comment feed subscriptions and notifications of new items.
    • Powerful weblog editing with full conflict resolution.
    • IE toolbar integration for fast feed subscriptions.
    • Integration with Google and MSN Desktop search.
    • Windows messenger integration for sharing items in virtual feeds.

  • Sauce Reader v1.x is completely written in C# .NET.
  • Sauce Reader v2.x is completely written in Delphi.

Included in sale

  • Exclusive source code rights to Sauce Reader v1.x.
  • Exclusive source code rights to Sauce Reader v2.x.
  • Ownership and control of the Sauce Reader brand and domain name.

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Comments (4)
  1. Mat Steeples says:

    It’s a little expensive is it not? I’m sure it’s more economically viable for someone to write their own! 😉

  2. Tom says:

    I agree, am I missing something here? I mean, I can see two reasons to want this source code, personal education and commercial.

    As far as personal education goes, I do believe RSS Bandit is an open source project so, while you might learn something from saucereader I doubt it would justify a $10,000 purchase.

    As far as commercial, I don’t see paying $10,000 for the code/rights to a project that (a) competes in a market where the software is free and (b) competes in a market that is (more than likely) about to become obsolete because of browser integration.

    I’m just baffled by this (though I’ll surely be eating crow if it sells)

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