Wanted : Developer for Brisbane based company

Leon (AKA Secret Geek) has posted a job ad for a developer role at his company Advantech.

It includes some intangible criteria - "You are a developer, not a programmer".

I love it.

This topic was hotly debated on the aus-dotnet mailing list recently. Some of the comments from the members of the list

maybe based on Mike Gunderloy's "Coder to Developer" book :http://www.codertodeveloper.com/ assuming of course that programmer == coder

from his perspective it seems to boil down to "Developers need to know about planning and testing and source code
control and teamwork and documentation and risk management and a raft of other things" personally I think its just playing semantic games and the two terms are basically interchangable.

Developer = Creative Coder
Programmer = Code Churner

Most developers will do programming at some stage, but desire for development.
Programmers are just 9-5'ers getting a weekly paycheque.

hmm - after a bit of searching - lots of blog posts on this question

http://software.ericsink.com/No_Programmers.html ( Eric Sink of vault fame )

so the consensus seems to be that a programmer just writes code while a developer does a bunch of other stuff like source control setup, build management, customer support when necessary etc etc.

I liked this quote though :
"When people ask me what I do, it depends who asks. If a non-techie type asks me, I say I'm a programmer - it's easy for them to understand and relate to that, If I say I'm a developer, they sometimes ask me if I'm a real estate developer 🙂 If the person is a techie-type, or works at a tech company I ususally say I'm a developer"

FWIW my business card says "Software Developer"

Just writes code?! By that token Davinci was just a painter!!

A programmer is proud to write code, he/she aims to excel and better him/her self with every line of code.
After end of the day he/she ponders what could have been done better and does research on new ideas/techniques/methodologies etc.
A programmer ask better programmers how they would do something,welcomes criticism and improves him/herself.
A programmer is NOT a 9-5 person, as once the working stops the learning begins.
Please do not just anyone who can connect a DataGrid to a DataSource is a programmer.
A programmer expands him/her self to learn about everything that can make his/her job and fellow colleagues job easier.
A programmer work in not for money, he/she is a artist/technician that takes it on him/herself to improve everything that he/she is capable of improving.
A programmer has passion and pride in his work. He/She is a craftsman of what that can neither be touched nor measured. Yet his/her work is admired by those who have no idea about intricacies or complexities of programming.
Please have respect when talking about programmers. Consider yourself lucky if you know such individuals.
Developer is a programmer who had time to flourish.

Lots of passion shown in some of these responses.

I hope Leon can find the right kind of person for the job

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