PDC05 Has Begun

PDC '05 is underway, and Day 1 had a bunch of news, announcements and excitement. Here's some of the stuff I missed.

PDC05 Has Begun

Day One

Watch the Bill Gates Keynote
The PDC kicks off as the sell out crowd assembles for the Bill Gates keynote.

Top 10 Ways to Light up your apps on Windows Vista
Check out the top 10 ways to make your Windows Vista applications stand out.

New UI for Office "12"
Learn what an expert behind the new Office "12" UI has to say about the new design. You can also learn more about what's new at the Office Developer Center here on MSDN.

Announcing: The LINQ Project
Look here for a Q&A with Anders Hejlsberg and Paul Vick where they discuss groundbreaking .NET language innovations that bridge the semantic mismatch between programming language models and data models, making life easier for developers while speeding the development of data rich applications.

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  1. adamp says:

    If your checking out Bill’s keynote, the first few minutes of audio are pretty ordinary – stick with it – it gets better. The Webcast also follows through to a Windows Vista Feature Demo

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