Comments problem fixed : Thanks Geoff Appleby

Big Shoutout to Geoff Appleby the master hax0r for solving my comments problem.  Seems like it's technorati's fault. First I can't get the tags to work, now this. What have I done to offend the Technorati gods???

Again,thx for sorting this out mate!


Hey Frank,

I've been trying all day to leave a comment on one of your posts, but something weird was going on (yes, I got it sent in finally, but only because I'm a master hax0rs).

When ever I was hitting the submit button for the comment, absolutely nothing was happening - nothing at all!

I love a challenge, and I worked out the culprit. In all the stuff you have down the left hand side you're including a search box from technorati. And this was the problem.

Time to get technical on your ass *grin* treats every single web page as a form. At the top of the page is a <form> element, and it's closed at the bottom. The technorati link (as inserted here: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"src=""> </script>) is rendering a new form partway down the page. It writes a whole new <form> element, and closes it again after the search box.

When the browser was encountering the new <form> tag, this was causing the previous form to close. Then when the technorati form was closed, everything remaining on the page was left dangling in nowhere land. All the forms had been closed, so the submit button for a comment was nto attached to anything - and so was doing nothing.

Perhaps this was your intent to stop annoying people leaving comments 🙂 But I figured if you wanted to do that you'd just turn comments off in your blog settings. So instead, I figured I'd let you know you have a problem, and how to fix it (stop giving the technorati search box).

Have a good day (yes, I was bored this afternoon 🙂


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