Counting down to Tech.Ed : Student Day

Tuesday was Student Day at Tech.Ed. We had buses deliver students from QUT, UQ, KHS, Griffith's University, Bond University. and countless local TAFE's and high schools.

It was a full day of presentations, covering a range of diverse topics such as game development with Visual Studio, Industry Employment opportunities, XNA, Indigo and I even got up on stage with Betsy Aoki to discuss Blogging. Betsy has a great write up about this.

In the afternoon, the doors opened to the event and it was registration time. I was amazed at the queues of folks who arrived at 3pm on the dot! Talk about being keen. Once registered, folks ventured into the Exhibit Hall, which is where I was hanging out. It was busy there. I was standing next to David Lemphers who had a captive audience of hard core coders watching his wizardzy. It was really good to see. I'm glad I hired him

I got to see many familiar faces, as well as regular readers of my little blog. There was even this guy who walked past me and 'secretly' took a photo of me and then he scooted off. Weird.

At 6.30pm the welcome party kicked off in the hall, with food, a live band, HALO2 duels, a giant bouncy castle where people wore massive oversized bozing gloves and would bash each other (don't ask me why, but it did look like fun)

I wandered around, catching up with the local MVPs & Readifyians, such as Mitch, DotNet Dan, Troy, Paul, Rocky. Lots of hugs were exchanged during the night.

I also got to have a long chat which a bunch of students from QUT who had made it down for the day. We spoke aout lots of stuff, but one question from these guys really stuck in my mind. They wanted to know who why I was so enthusiastic about Microsoft and the technology. I thought about this for a bit and told them that it boils down to two things : (1) As a consumer of technology, the stuff we are working on and the stuff that is coming is really cool, and I want to use it - NOW! (2) In my role, I get to meet lots of smart people who have great ideas. I get a kick out of seeing them succeed and *if* what we do contributes to that success, then it's very satisfying to see that we do make a difference. It's very movitivating, very exciting and I cant NOT be enthusiastic about it all. I hope my answer resonated with these guys. 

Around 9.30pm, we were kicked out of the Exhibit Hall, so we made our way out and I continued my discussions from the night before with Cameron. Mick was there too. The hilight of the night for me, I got to meet the lovely Lorraine,  who is "proficient in a range of Microsoft Office and Macromedia design programs and has built and supported a number of DNN projects".  (or so it says on her bio)

Okay, gotta run - the keynote starts soon

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  1. Clarke Scott says:

    Dam…I really really really wish I was there!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got a wonderful email from an attendee of the Tech.Ed

    Student day. He has kindly given me permission…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got a wonderful email from an attendee of the Tech.Ed Student day. He has kindly given me permission…

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