Counting down to Tech.Ed : Day 0

Monday was travel day. I headed up to the Gold Coast on Virgin Blue. While I was waiting to board the flight, a guy sat next to me, he turned around and asked me if I was presenting at Tech.Ed. Why Yes, I replied - feeling pretty chuffed that some random dude at an airport was nice to me. Turns out he is heading up to Tech.Ed to as a delegate. It's his first time to Tech.Ed, and he had been watching all the Tech.Ed Mediacasts over the weekend. W00t - a third viewers (1 & 2) !!  Speaking of a first time, it was my first time with Virgin Blue. I'm not sure if I liked it or not.

Anyways, I waited at the airport for my travel buddies to share a ride to the hotel. I rang, I waited. I wandered around. Turns out I was snubbed and they boys had a better offer. So, feeling alone and unloved, I caught a cab from Gold Coast Airport to my hotel. The driver hsa been living on the Gold Coast for 45 years and had lots of stories. None of which would make it past the rude language filters.

Arriving at the hotel, my travel buddies had checked in and were going to to their room to freshen up. I checked in and found out my room wasn't ready. No freshening up for Frank today. I dumped my bags at the fornt desk, grabbed some lunch and then headed over to the Convention Center.

Let me tell you. It all looks awesome. The Exhibit Hall looks fantastic - the XBOX guys are sponsoring the Welcome Party and have brought lots of stuff - including a monster truck! We don't need no stinking Finalizer now!!!  I had a go at the bluetooth remote control cars. The app is really cute, runs on a pocket pc. It could be improved, so I'm thinking we should make the source code available to the community and get a project going to add some bells and whistles - even an emulator.The prize - one of the cars. Anyways, just an idea. I need to refine it further this week.

We went through speaker rehearsals for the Student Day, which kicks off Tech.Ed. The buys need work on the keynote, but it will all come together.

At the end of the day, I caught up with Cameron Reilly to discuss life, the universe and everything. It's always good to catch up with Cam and get the latest on his plans to change the world.

Eventually we headed out to dinner - we rode the Monorail (yes, they have a monorail) down to the beach and ended up at the Kurruwa Surf Club. This was my first time too, and it too was an experience. A whole flock of Microsoftees joined us as we get into the Gold Coast vibe. And yes, I had the Chicken Parmigiana.

Finally, at the end of the night, we ended back at where we started and I helped educate a number of the folks on Blogging, Podcasting and  Geek Codes,  (my personal geek code is here, but I realized it is in need of refreshing).

And on that note, I left the party and went to sleep. Tuesday is student day and I need to get my presentation ready. Betsy is in New Zealand, but she arrives soon. Hopefully we will meet before our session and work out what we will say!

The MSDN Flash is about to go out - I had a final review of it Monday evening. It will be hitting subscriber's inboxes soon.

I'm at the Gold Coast - I've made my Tshirts with flair, I have my Mambo LOUD shirt. The Students are arriving. It's all systems go!!!.

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    Tuesday was Student Day at Tech.Ed. We had buses deliver students from QUT, UQ, KHS, Griffith’s University,…

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