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  • Keynote - Jeff Alexander (.wmv, 4MB, 1min 05sec) *NEW
  • My Sessions - Dean Gardiner (.wmv, 6.4MB, 1min 45sec) *NEW
  • My Session - Gayan Peiris (.wmv, 7.5MB, 2 min 01sec) *NEW
  • My Session - Troy McGinnis (.wmv, 2.6MB, 41 sec) *NEW
  • Learning Centre - Frederique Dennison (.wmv, 3.6MB, 1min 26sec) *NEW
  • Tell Customers - Frank Arrigo (.wmv, 1.4MB, 23 sec) *NEW

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No RSS feed, yet, eh? Now ya do! I knocked up a quick script to take care of this niggling…

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s good news for all those attending Tech.Ed 2005 in Australia interested in IIS7 – I’ll be presenting…

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