Back in Oz and Back Online

Today I got home from my trip to Atlanta. What a tiring trip. I'm trying to stay awake until tonight so that I can adjust my circadian rhythm.

It was terrific to catch up with Robert Scoble yesterday in Atlanta. We had a great chat about life the universe and eveything, and then we shared a cab to the airport.  I had a long journey back to Sydney ahead. Little did I realize my humble post on Sunday would be heard around the world. hehe.

So, now I'm home catching up on email (884 unread emails) and outstanding rss feeds (9952 unread feeds), but I can tell you that all the hot buzz at the moment is MSN's Virtual Earth - Go Team!!!

[ Currently Playing : Hello - The Cat Empire - Triple J Hottest 100 Volume 11 Disc 2 (03:44) ]

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  1. I hope that’s 9952 unread RSS <item>s, not <feed>s.

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