Star Cross Geek Bloggers – or How I Almost Meetup With The Scobleizer

Yesterday (Saturday) was the final day of MGB (my summary of events is coming soon).

Robert Scoble was in Atlanta presenting a session and then was heading out to a local Geek Dinner he arranged.

I tried to setup a time to meet him during the day, but we were in seperate parts of the Gorgia World Congress Center - which is huge, by the way (Some fun facts - Including meeting rooms, galleries, exhibit halls, kitchens and storerooms, there are more than 90 acres of floor area (3.9 million square feet) on multiple levels throughout the GWCC. The 33,000-square-foot Thomas Murphy Ballroom is on a level equal to that of an 11-story building. The GWCC Building C entrance lobby is over 1,000 feet long, 80 feet wide and over 90 feet high, making it large enough to hold the Titanic (882 feet long, 92 feet 6 inches wide, and 60 feet 6 inches from the waterline to the main deck). So huge that we were unable to cross paths. Incredible but true - we were in the same building. We swapped emails to synchronize our schedules, but it didn't work out.

So, the day wrapped up and I headed out to Six Flags Over Georgia with my colleagues to go to the MGB attendee party - which included a performance by Jet (the Aussie rock n' rollers who's debut single was used by Apple in a worldwide campaign to advertised the iPod - yes, the irony was not lost by me). It was an awesome concert and I'll put my thoughts down about the party later, too.

When I got back to my room I had a note from Robert that he went to the party too and that I should have come to the dinner. Yes Robert, you're right, I should have gone to the geek dinner in Atlanta. Do'h!

The note also said he was leaving town at 8am. and it's now 830am. I've missed my chance to say G'day, and so today I go home a little sad.

UPDATE: The stars have aligned and we have scheduled a time to meet. 🙂

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    So, I am sitting in the CNN

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    So, I am sitting in the CNN Center Plaza in Atlanta (My Location on Virtual Earth), drinking a tall Americano…

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