WeFly 247 available for order in Australia

WeFly247Beta1w00t! We now have WeFly247 available for Aussie developers..

This free DVD contains everything you need to know to build fully functional applications using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and features recorded presentations, source code and step by step training labs in C# and VB on Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, .NET Framework and other Microsoft tools and software. Whether you're an experienced developer looking to learn what's new in Visual Studio Beta 2 or looking to learn a new skill, this DVD is an invaluable resource.

Join the WeFly247 community at www.learn247.net - there is a huge amount of original content to help you learn about professional .NET software development.

The applications for WeFly247 scenario are broken down into 3 areas covering all areas of development, including Windows Mobile, VSTO, Smart Client, and InfoPath and much more.

  • Pilot: Pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and in-flight monitoring of key systems.
  • Passenger: Entertainment system for in-flight entertainment.
  • Crew: Management system for managing passenger requests.

For a special treat, you can experience the application localised in Aussie, by our local localiser Andrew Coates.

Did I mention that it is FREE?

You can order just WeFly247 , or WeFly247 with the Visual Studio 2005 Beta now!

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