Watching the conversation

Last week the whole team came together for a bunch of meetings in Sydney. In one session we traded stories on tactics and techniques we used to get our job done. I shared with the team what I do to keep a watch on the blogosphere.

Just like Scoble, I use tools such as Feedster, Pubsub and Technorati to scan feeds looking for keywords, and I subscribe to a few of these searchs. I use Newsgator Outlook Edition as my RSS reader, which gives me the power of Outlook to create search folders and allow me to look at aggregated/summarised views of all the feeds.

So, for example i have a few "ego feeds" PubSub: Frank Arrigo, Feedster: Frank Arrigo, Technorati: Frank Arrigo

I also use some of the feed aggregation tools, as I previously mentioned in an earlier post

So, there you have it - some simple tools to see what's happening. Time to go monitor my ego feed again.

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