My day out to CeBIT Australia 2005

Today I headed down to CeBIT at Darling Harbour. Last year I worked on the Microsoft stand, but this year I just went down as a normal attendee and got a chance to walk around the show.

It was nice to get out of the house and go on a bit of an adventure after having been at home for a number of weeks following my surgery.

At the show I bumped into lots of familiar faces who wanted to know how I my recovery was progressing. I am very fortunate that I have been able to lots of fantastic folks during my career and at events like this it is lovely to see lots of these folks again.  I even got a few bargains, including a nice 200GB external drive for $230. That will come in handy to store my digital media.

I spent almost 4 hours out at CeBIT and I barely had time to see everything there - it is such a huge event. Thank goodness for the video highlights on the website.

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  1. Sam says:

    If you think CeBit Downunder is a big event you should try and visit CeBit Hannover one day.

    I still remember an american manager of a worldwide company being first time on the CeBit Hanover. She had so far only seen the rather smallish Hall her company got its stand in, and was quite impressed ‘I never thought CeBit Hanover is this big. That might even be bigger than [some big american tradeshow]’.

    It was just the moment our tradeshow manager decided he needed to show her the rest of the CeBit, just to see her face 🙂


    PS: just numbers from the CeBit website: got 600 exhibitors, 6400.

    PPS: but I think its highly overrated and just too big.

  2. Dude!!?!? Did you drop by our stand? I must have missed you as I was down there all 3 days.

    Great to see you back up and running 🙂

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