64 ?

64 - the number of clips/staples removed from the cut on my tummy. I have photos but I won’t post.

I'm home but i've been taking it easy.

Back to regular blogging after ANZAC Day.

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  1. Sean Malloy says:

    Hey Frank, 64, pretty good! Did they send you home with the staple remover? Or did you go to a doctor to get them out?

    I had a twisted bowel a couple of years ago.. Took me months to recover. I went into hosiptal with severe abdominal pain, I came out with 48 staples in my stomach. I can tell you when I woke up with staples in me, I was weirded out. The morphine was good though.

    They sent me home with the little plastic staple remover tool, removing the staples was a really cool way to gross friends out: "Hey check THIS out!"

    There were a few stubborn ones that I just couldn’t remove. I dug and hacked and gouged and they wouldn’t come out, got infected, and the doctor had to remove it.

    Get yourself some Vitamin E tablets, and eat a couple every day, and rub a couple into the wound/scar, it will help.

    I can barely see my scar now, and it used to be pretty impressive. Only scars I have seen that outdo it are of course open heart surgery, or a shark bite 🙂

  2. Serdar Kilic says:

    Dude, its great to hear your doing better.

  3. Bernard says:

    Get well soon, Frankie. Over here in S’pore, people usually make snakehead porridge (shock you didn’t I? Nah it’s actually a kinda fish) esp after an operation suppose to promote healing. Just an extra bit if you are bored.

  4. Dan Green says:

    Hope everything is going well Frank! Sounds like it.

    …and this post puts a whole new twist on http://www.route64.net marketing.

  5. Justin King says:

    Franks 64 Bit too now 🙂

    Good to hear all went well, see you when you get back into the mix.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had

    my surgery one year ago today. It’s really hard to believe it was only a

    year ago, the scar…

  7. Anonymous says:

    3 years ago this week, I had major surgery . You know, It’s really hard to believe it was 3 years ago,

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