What about Tassie???

I got a comment posted by a Tassie based reader to my What About Canberra post

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Sigh. Seems like all departments of Microsoft has forgotten that Tassie is still part of Australia. Can't remember the last time I saw a roadshow of any kind in Hobart...
Ironic - I see a 'Remember Me?' checkbox at the bottom of this textarea. If only it were true.

The post was anonymous, so I can't reply directly, so I will post a reply here.

Dear Anonymous,

Yes it is true many Microsoft events dont head down to Tasmania. Our last big event there was 12 months ago.

However, the Developer Team is not ignoring Tassie. Earlier this year, we were down to help kick off the Hobart .NET User Group. This was followed up by a session from Dave Glover in February.

These will continue. In May, Darren Neimke will be doing his IBF session for Hobart User Group.

We will look at the possibility of taking the April MSDN Update to Tassie too.

So, don't depair Anonymous poster. We know Tassie is part of Australia. Hope to see you at the next event

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  1. Sean Malloy says:

    I’d just like to comment on the Tassie post..

    Who ever is complaining about the lack of events down here in Tassie, sure as hell didn’t register for Dr Neils eXtreme .NET Day.

    It got canned due to lack of interest. Only TWO people registered for that. Myself, and a Co-Worker.

    So people complaining on the lines of "What about Tassie", that’s all fine and good, but keep in mind, we HAVE been included on events, and people just don’t show the support when the support is needed.

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