Tablet PC Book : Seize The Workday

An old friend from Canberra dropped me an email recently about a good book on the TabletPC

Mail from: frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger
Sender: Ray

After the ususal deluge of books on PCs and the software on them,
finally someone has produced a book on how to use a Tablet PC to advantage.

Have a look at
author, Michael Linenberger, is a project manager by trade and has produced an
excellent book on getting real benefit out of a Tablet PC. The book is
available via Amazon but I have not seen it in the Australian bookshops yet.

Strongly recomended.

Thanks for the recommendation Ray, I'll good check it out

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  1. Geez Canberra is a small world! I worked with Ray in late 2003 when we were both contracted in to do some work at APH – then I caught up with him at the security summit 🙂

    If we’re talking about the same Ray Roche, anyway.

  2. Frank Arrigo says:

    There can be but one.

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