Look who’s going to Redmond

You may not know this, but I have been feeling pretty sad recently. One of my
team members is moving to a new role based in Microsoft Corp. I'm talking about
Jason McConnell and he speaks more
about the new role in this recent

I'm sad, because Jason was the
first person I hired into the role. I liked him, and will miss him, alot. It
kinda like seeing my son have his
first day at school
, except it's more like boarding school, really far

Now, what this also does is present a new opportunity. A chance to meet
someone new. Someone to step into Jason's sizeable shoes. Someone to fill that
gap. Someone to continue doing great work. We have just posted the
job description on the Microsoft Careers site
. The position is based in

Don't get me wrong, I'm also really happy for Jason. This is a great move for
him and I know he will do well. So, come along to the Security
Summit and say goodbye to Jason

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  1. Sent my application on the 27th of Feb – think its too late.

    One thing needed on the career’s site is a date that the job is posted.

    Just got back from the summit – great job guys.

    VSTS looks great.

  2. Frank Arrigo says:

    Hey Adrian

    good feedback, we do need to put dates up

    btw – how did you send your application on 27th of Feb, that’s in the future. Are you a time traveller??? 🙂

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