A customer email : Part 2 : My Reply

A few days ago I posted an email which I received from a customer. This post generated LOTS of feedback. It was quite surprising. My intention was to have this discussion in public and show how we try and deal with complaints.

So, here is part two of the discussion. What follows is my *unedited* reply back to the customer.

Stephen -- Sorry I've taken a while to reply to your note. I got back from holidays this week and have started catching up on email.

Let' s see if I can answer your questions:

-          what connection do you have to MS? Your blog site does its best to hide any connection. I assume you're a senior MS developer?

o        I run a team of "evangelists" within the Microsoft developer & platform strategy group. My team works with developers (in all segments & market), uni students, uni faculty and it professionals.

o        We engage with local user groups and other community groups to help get out the Microsoft platform message

o       I have been pretty up front with my role and what we do and don' t feel that I hide this fact - I have an about link on my blog http://radio.weblogs.com/0124955/stories/2003/11/09/aboutMe.html

o       I am coming up to 14 years at Microsoft in a range of roles.

- Re the Xmas present for VS 2003 upgrades: isn't this the same upgrade that was being sold for $58 when VS2003 came out? If so, how is this massive price increase a Xmas present, or upgrading for "less", as you claim?

o        The offer was for people to upgrade to MSDN Universal which is roughly $5K rrp.

- Glover was not talking about the "software development lift cycle", was he? That sounds like something for Opus or some other lift manufacturers, not .NET 2005 developers.

o        Well caught typo there J.

And before you dismiss this e-mail as rubbish, google me. No, I don't run a blog site -- I don't have the spare time in my life to waste it wanking my ego.

o        No, I don' t think this email was rubbish - infact, I love hearing from folks who face customers everyday. It is our reality check. I have gone to your website @ http://prominence.net.au/ and have seen you like astronomy and that you are a Microsoft certified trainer, as well as a Microsoft certified professional, and that you are a visiting fellow at UNSW. But why the unfinished thesis???

What I'm hoping for 2005 is that MS Australia will provide decent support to the people like me who support your clients. But the situation is getting worse and worse every day, not better.

o        I would like to see this too. What do YOU need from US? We can' t have a situation that things are getting worse. My job is to see this get better. Where are we failing. What needs to be done???

I will post the response soon.

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