A customer email

I got a doozy of an email while I was on leave.

Mail from: frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger
Sender: Stephen Russell

Hi Frank.

Been meaning to reply to your December MSDN newsletter since it came out, but I've been real busy this month.

Some questions for you:

- what connection do you have to MS? Your blog site does its best to hide any connection. I assume you're a senior MS developer?

- Re the Xmas present for VS 2003 upgrades: isn't this the same upgrade that was being sold for $58 when VS2003 came out? If so, how is this massive price increase a Xmas present, or upgrading for "less", as you claim?

- Glover was not talking about the "software development lift cycle", was he? That sounds like something for Opus or some other lift manufacturers, not .NET 2005 developers.

And before you dismiss this e-mail as rubbish, google me. No, I don't run a blog site -- I don't have the spare time in my life to waste it wanking my ego.

What I'm hoping for 2005 is that MS Australia will provide decent support to the people like me who support your clients. But the situation is getting worse and worse every day, not better.

And now we have bloggers supporting the MSDN channel. Heaven help us all ...


I have sent a reply already, and I will post the answer soon.

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  1. Molly says:

    Whats the ethics on publishing emails you receive? Did you seek this guys approval?

    Just interested. Not sure I would be happy with my customers publishing my emails (although I try to be careful in case they do pass them on).


  2. Mikkel says:

    pffft….Academics. Have they nothing better to do with their time?

  3. Pull the stick out of your ass Mr Russell!

    I love the "I don’t have the spare time in my life to waste it wanking my ego". This is from a man whose web site is titled "Stephen Russell, B.Sc (Hons), MCT/MCSE/MCSD/MCAD/MCP+I"! If that site isn’t one huge ego wank I don’t know what is 🙂

    I note he is an ex-academic which probably explains the arrogant, pompous, holier-than-thou, tone of his missive… Hopefully, I will never have the displeasure of his company.

  4. JosephCooney says:

    A great way to name and shame Mr Russell[1]. I say revoke a few of his certifications as punishment.

    [1] http://users.bigpond.net.au/smr/index.html

  5. Greg Low says:

    Given his questions, he’s obviously well-connected with the local developer communities 🙂 Must offer great classes.

    Hasn’t got the time to wank his ego but tells us on the research page about things he didn’t actually complete…

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